Free Discovery Call


If you are not sure which of my consultations is right for you OR how natural therapies can support your health and wellbeing OR if are you prepared to switch to a (more) healthy lifestyle, then…

… the *Free Discovery Call * allows you to explore how natural remedies can work for you.

For 15 minutes we will have the opportunity to get to know each other and answer your questions.

This chat can be set via video call or phone call.

To book the call, please use the form below, thank you!

Here is where nature and healing meet,

here is where you connect with your own power. 

You are not alone!

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Sofia Loureiro – Health Coach • Speaker •  Author

BSc • MNat • PhD

Consultations: Bach Flower Remedies & Personal Growth  • Ear Acupuncture •  Homeopathy & Diluted Remedies • Holistic Naturopathy


Portugal Brasil
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